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On a Pirate Ship (Picture Books) - Sarah Courtauld

This book is  about a little boy who wonders what it would be like to live on a pirate ship. He uses his imagination and pretends he is spending the day on a pirate ship. He does all of the things a pirate would do and has a great adventure. This would be a good book to read before play time. It would encourage students to use their imagination. This would also be a good book to use for examples of free write. Students could an idea of how to be creative and create a good story. It is leveled A.   

Sidney Shark's Seaside Shanties - Giles Andreae, David Wojtowycz

This is a great sea creature book. It talks about sharks, crabs, jellyfish, and more. It is very cute and playful and would be a great introduction to a marine life lesson. It is leveled A. 

Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss

This is a great book full of rhyming words. It has a lot of tongue twisters in it and is very exciting to read. It would be a good resource for students to look back on when doing a rhyming activity or wanted to use creative words when writing something. It is leveled 500 L. 

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - Dr. Seuss

This is a great book to touch on adjectives and verbs. It is filled with words such as hot, small, tiny, mad, sad, etc. It also touches on math. This is an educational yet interesting book. Also kids love Dr.Suess so incorporating him into the classroom is a great idea. It is leveled 180 L.

Hansel and Gretel - Ronne Randall, Erica-Jane Waters

This traditional fairy tale would be perfect for a lesson on morals. It is easy yet challenging to determine the moral of this story. You could also use this book to address the sequence of events. It could also be used to determine right and wrong. The possibilities are endless with this book. It is leveled 430 L.

Pirates Go to School - Corinne Demas, John Manders

This book is about Pirates going to school. They do everything the pirate way. I think is a great example of diversity and how you can put your own twist to school activities. The pirates find out that they love school and they learn to clean up behind themselves. It is leveled 680 L. 

Llama Llama Red Pajama - Anna Dewdney

This book is about llama going to bed and needing his mama to be there with him. This would be a good reference for how your teacher is always there for you and never too far away. I would use this for younger grades. It would be a good trust topic book. It is leveled 670 L.

Llama Llama Misses Mama - Anna Dewdney

This book is about llama and his first day of school. He misses his mama and has to learn how to have fun and make new friends. He has a good time but still misses mama. At the end of the day when mama comes to pick him up he trust that he will never be left at school so he is excited to come back again tomorrow. This would be great to use for the first day of school. It is leveled 240 L. 

Llama Llama Mad at Mama - Anna Dewdney

This book is about a llama who is mad at his mom for making him go to the supermarket. I would use this book for a rhyming lesson. It has a lot of rhyming words and is an easy read. It would be a good reference for students. It is leveled 370 L. 

David Goes To School - David Shannon

This book is about David going to school and not following any of the rules. He gets an after school punishment and when he finally finishes he gets a gold star and is able to go home. This would be good to use for classroom management and an example of how not to act at school. This book is leveled BR.

Peanut Butter and Homework Sandwiches - Lisa Broadie Cook, Jack E. Davis

This book is about a class that has a very strict substitute teacher. The little boy named Martin has trouble keeping track with his homework. Everyday it is something new and he has to sit out while the rest of the class gets to play and have fun. Finally his teacher returns and assigns an awesome homework assignment with the chance to take home the class spider for the weekend. I would use this book as an example of how to be responsible and to turn your work in on time. It is leveled 740 L.

Merry Christmas, Splat - Rob Scotton

This book is about splat the cat who wants desperately to get a gift from Santa. He does chores around the house that just turns into even bigger messes. However this book shows us that it is the thought that counts. Splat is pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning.  I would use this book around Christmas time. It is leveled 460 L.

Who Will Haunt My House on Halloween? - Jerry Pallotta, David Biedrzycki

This is a great book about all the different things you can be on Halloween. The girl realizes that none of the spooky things are real it is just other kids dressed up. This would be fun to read on Halloween day. It is leveled 160 L. 

Pumpkin Soup - Helen Cooper

This book is about animals that live in a white cabin in the woods. They make soup everyday and they each have their own specific duty to do. Until one day the duck wants to be the head chef and when he isn't allowed to he leaves. he other animals are unable to make the soup the right way without the duck so they set out to find him. When they are all together again they compromise and help each other create the soup. This would be great to read around the fall and Halloween time. It is leveled 310 L.

The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark - Deborah Diesen, Dan Hanna, Daniel X. Hanna

This book takes you on an underwater deep sea adventure. The fish work together and understand their own strengths. It includes a lot of action verbs that are bold. Because of this I would use this book for an action verb lesson. It has a great moral and is also educational. It is leveled 670 L.

Starting School - Franzeska G. Ewart, Leonie Shearing

This book is about Sadie and Sam who are starting their first day of school. Sadie is excited but Sam is nervous. The book goes through their whole day and all of the fun activities that do together. They make new friends and meet a class pet. At the end of the day Sam decides he likes school just as much as Sadie does. I would use this book for the first day of school. I would use it for all grade levels. It is leveled A.